Tom Daley Talks Age Gap Between Him & Dustin Lance Black

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it’s been 8 years, do people still care about their age difference?

Tom Daley has opened up about the twenty-year age gap between himself and his husband, Dustin Lance Black. And as you might have guessed, his general response is, “Why does it matter?”

The Olympian, who’s currently competing at the Tokyo Olympics, recently wrote a piece for The Guardian. In the article, Tom Daley wrote about a series of topics such as his exercise routine, his upbringing, his past fears, his family, and his husband.

On the latter issue, Tom Daley talked about how he’s gotten used to people complaining about the age difference between him and Dustin Lance Black. At this point in his life, he no longer cares about it.

“One thing I learned early on is not to care what other people think,” he wrote. “That’s been useful since I’ve been with my husband. I’m 27, he is 47. People have their opinions, but we don’t notice the age gap. When you fall in love, you fall in love.”

“I had girlfriends briefly before Lance, but nothing serious,” he added. “As soon as I was with him I knew right away. It was like, ‘OK, wow, this is it.’”

That last note goes along with words Tom Daley shared back in 2018. The champion athlete explained in an interview that he’s not 100% gay.

“The word a lot of people are using now is queer, instead of labelling yourself as lesbian, gay or transsexual,” he shared. “Queer is, like, a better word.”

“People say, ‘You like boys,’ but I’ve liked girls too. My generation shouldn’t feel the need to be labelled; we are too obsessed by gender,” Daley continued. “I am not 100 percent straight, I’m not 100 percent gay, I’m just queer. My generation, I think, are more fluid.”

As for his relationship to Dustin Lance Black, the two started dating around 2013, at least that’s when news sites and magazines started noticing the relationship. The two then made the relationship public in late 2013 and early 2014. The couple then got married in 2017 and introduced their first child to the world in 2018.

Now, 8 years later, Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley are happily married and the happy fathers of a growing young boy. Together, the two have championed through gossip magazines, practices for athletic competitions, time-consuming tv show/movie productions, the struggles of surrogacy, and more. And they’ve stayed strong together for it.

Congratulations to the happy couple. May their relationship know many more years of happiness.

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15 thoughts on “Tom Daley Talks Age Gap Between Him & Dustin Lance Black”

  1. Remember meanies on here that the vast majority of relationships do not last 8 years. So good for them. Enjoy your busy lives together Lance and Tom! I just saw an interview they did were the reporter got lost in Lance’s (quoting her) “amazing blue eyes” and his charm…Tom remarked that he does too since first day they met. I can see that for sure.

  2. Sounds like a case of DLB being Chicken Hawk robbing the cradle. 10 years difference is OK, but 20? I admit not knowing the whole story, but “love at first sight?” You mean Momma wasn’t curious at first and wondered WTH? Or maybe she agreed so that Tom could/would have a Father figure in his life. I’m just thinking out loud here as a 69 year old, retired, former CH myself.

  3. Personally, I’d never want to be involved with anyone 20 years older or 20 years younger than me. There’s too much of one person’s life that the other person will never get….in both directions! However, having said that, that is just me speaking for myself and ONLY for myself! At 38 I NEVER would have been interested in an 18 year old but that’s just me! If Lance and Tom have found happiness (and apparently they have) then that’s none of my business and I’m happy for them! Also, as far as the rich sugar daddy trope…that’s not always the case. I’ve known couples (gay and straight) where there was a big age difference and neither person was particularly wealthy!

  4. People are so jealous of others happiness. I am 10 years my husband’s senior and last week we celebrated our 38th anniversary. Admittedly age difference DID matter at first but swiftly became a non-issue. Be happy folks wherever it comes from.

  5. To Tyler. You are typical of all people who have NEVER had a true loving relationship. Age is just a number they are GLOWING examples of a happy loving couple. Especially has now got his reward of an Olympic GOLD medal. TYLER WOT U GOT?

    • Tyler probably doesn’t have a husband that is one step away from a, walker or another box of, Depends. lmfao 🤣

  6. People are so sad, age doesn’t mater when your an adult. I am 16 years older than my husband and we have been together 20 years.

  7. Um…. he married the guy for money, not love wins, its bank account wins. He has got a sugar daddy to pay for his training and Olympic dreams. No biggie, it happens all of the time. His partner should lay off of the plastic surgery though, kinda, “scary mary”.

      • I have to agree with Tyler on this one. Tom’s husband is literally so old! When Tom is 65, the husband will be 85!!! It’s just so odd that he married someone so old. Training and going to the Olympics costs so much and a older man with money could help. It’s just reality boys.

        • Tom Daley has a net worth himself of 2 million not too shaby .He wasnt exactly nobody before he met Lance.
          His deals with Adidas and his status plus TV shows means he doesnt exactly have to pimp himself like so many

        • From what I know he is already a professional diver before he started dating Lance. That means that he gets paid for what he does, he practically doesn’t have to pay for the training and traveling as well. Tom’s net worth is also not bad actually standing at 4 million, It’s just 2 million less than his husband. I don’t really understand why would you think that age affects love. They love each other, that is all that matters.


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