Tom Goss Dishes on His Love for Bears, Booming Career and More

Credit: Tom Goss

Tom Goss‘ career so far should really be defined as unique. His unapologetic love of the bear community that is highlighted in many of his fabulous music videos is something truly inspiring to witness. 

He’s also a wonderful singer/songwriter who has put together some incredible tracks that range from upbeat and fun to serious and necessary. Take for instance the video he did with actor Daniel Franzese called “La Bufadora” which centers on gay domestic violence.


He’s challenging the world we live in by going outside the norm and honing in on things that are somewhat taboo and not talked about often. It’s going to be fun to see what else he comes out with as his career continues to boom.

Tom chatted with me at Instinct Magazine shortly before the New Year began. He dished on his personal and professional highs and lows while being stuck inside, his adoration for cubs, bears, etc and what’s next for him as 2021 begins.

Check out our exclusive with him below:

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