Tom Goss Takes Listeners Overseas In The Steamy Video For His New Single “Amsterdam”

During the past year, travel is without a doubt, one of the things that the LGBT community has had no choice but to do without. While our weekend Provincetown getaways or trips to Palm Springs may have been put on hold this year, Tom Goss has arrived to take us to “Amsterdam”; musically at least. The latest single from the Los Angeles based crooner is aptly titled after the Dutch capital city, and the inspiration for “Amsterdam” comes from the city itself.

Goss penned the song four years ago while in Holland, where a transformative sexual experience occurred that remains with him to this day “It started in the shower,” he recalls. “We were kissing and holding each other tightly, with water pouring down over us. I had this overwhelming feeling of peace and acceptance of who I am, like I was being baptized in a whole new way.” It was a powerful moment for the young man, raised Catholic, who even attended seminary to actually become a priest. “Never in my life has a moment felt more spiritual, pure and overwhelmingly good.” 


One of the most attention grabbing aspects off the “Amsterdam” release is the music video. Goss is featured alternately walking the streets of Amsterdam and intimately featured with his stunningly hirsute and handsome co-star, George Epremian. The casting for Goss’ co-star is an interesting layer to the creation of the “Amsterdam” video as well; Goss discovered Epremian on the dating app Growlr. (This is the second video co-star Goss discovered on the app. He found Rohan McCooty, the lead actor from his “Berlin” video on Growlr, as well.) “Growlr has been a wonderful way to connect with the bear community all over the world,” he says. “We received a number of responses expressing interest, but George and his look seemed perfect for the role. Additionally, he had acting experience, so that made us feel comfortable casting him before we even met in person.”

Originally slated to release in March of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused the single to be delayed. “It didn’t seem like the right time,” Tom explains. Instead, Goss dropped the single  “Dancing in My Room” complete with the three quarantine-inspired music videos featuring Max Emerson, along with eleven artists singing in multiple languages. Late this summer he dropped “Nerdy Bear” a cheeky comedic track in an effort to give us a little humor in these dark times. 

Photo Courtesy of Mark Nickels

Goss said “Fall feels like an appropriate season for a song like ‘Amsterdam’,” he adds. “I’m excited for fans to take this journey with me.”

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