Tom Holland Finds Love But Its Not With ‘Husband’ Jake Gyllenhaal

Credit: Jake Gyllenhaal Instagram

We are kind of sobbing at the news that Tom Holland is in a relationship. But its not with his “husband” Jake Gyllenhaal.

The hunky Spiderman star got his millions of fans all a flutter when he posted a photo of gorgeous model/actress Nadia Parkes on his Instagram account. He did this two months after Daily Mail first reported that they were secretly dating and quarantining with one another for a while. 


Nadia is somewhat of an ingenue to the entertainment world as she just started acting professionally in 2019 according to her IMDb profile. The 24-year-old did however make a splash when she appeared on an episode of the long running BBC series Doctor Who this year.


The funniest part of this developing news is that fans actually spoke about Tom’s relationship with Jake in the photo’s comments section. “Jake Gyllenhaal be like: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?” one joked. “Poor Jake be sitting there like (sad emoji),” another one wrote.

Tom and Jake have been yanking our chains (no pun intended) with their sweet words for one another for years. Jake lovingly referred to their friendship as #husbandgoals in this cute black and white photo above that looks like a still from a romantic movie or soap opera. 

The Brokeback Mountain star also teased that they were getting married while appearing at Chicago Comic-Con in 2018.

RIP to this happening… at least for now. 

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