Tom Holland Reacts to Compliments on His Viral Rihanna Performance

Tom Holland has done a number of remarkable portrayals in his acting career so far — the most prominent one being Spider-Man. Despite that, he recently revealed that he gets the most compliments for his viral performance of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” on the ‘Lip Sync Battle’.

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“It is an interesting one. Because I’ve really worked hard in my career and I’ve really been calculated in deciding what it is I do and when I do it. And for all the movies that I’m incredibly proud of, the Lip Sync Battle is what I get the most compliments for,” the 27-year-old English actor revealed in his new interview with The Hollywood Reporter.


Holland appeared on the show back in 2017, and he went up against ‘Spider-Man’ co-star Zendaya. His viral performance started with “Singin’ in the Rain,” then transitioned to Rihanna’s “Umbrella.” Not to mention, he was wearing a bustier and fishnet stockings, just like RiRi in her MV.

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Moreover, the actor shared that he didn’t give a second thought about wearing the iconic outfit, which was put together by a costume designer.

“I don’t give a f**k. I’ve grown up in the most non-toxic-masculine environment possible. I didn’t realize what I was doing was so forward-thinking. I was just like, ‘Yeah, f**k it, I’ll put some fishnets on and dance in the rain. That’ll be really fun. I don’t care,'” he expressed.

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Holland looks at the lip sync performance as a fond memory, recalling:

“I’m proud of it. I like that it left a lasting impact. It was an amazing time. My life was changing before my eyes. Spider-Man was coming out. I was on the up. I was getting offers and turning them down for the first time, which was really crazy… I was finally at that stage where I could say, ‘Can I bring my friends?’ And they’d say, ‘Yeah.'”

However, he also admitted:


“You’d never catch me doing that now. Just because I don’t want to do a f***ing TV show that I don’t need to do. I’d rather go and play golf and live my little private life.”

You can watch Holland and Zendaya’s viral ‘Lip Sync Battle’ appearance here:


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