Tom Holland Tells Who Almost Talked Him Out Of This Performance

Spider-Man No Way Home star Tom Holland recently spoke about one of the most iconic moments in pop culture of the last decade. In 2017 The Impossible star signed on for Lip Sync Battle with his co-star Zendaya. What came from that performance has been seen a whopping 121 million times. (Personally, this performance along with Anne Hathaway’s Wrecking Ball number are my top two LSB moments.)


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Holland, 24, recently told British GQ that one person was desperate for him not to go through with the scheduled performance: his father Dominic,


“My dad always taught me when I was younger and coming up in the business that you want to get famous as slowly as possible. I think that’s why he was so worried. And he’d tell me the same thing today I am sure: ‘Pace yourself, you’ve got a long career ahead of you.'” 


The Uncharted star continued speaking about how he would stay grounded amidst all the fame, 

“I am very selective of who I talk to and what I do. I don’t ever want to overexpose myself, because my privacy is the last thing I own. I don’t want to lose myself to all… this.”


When all is said and done the Cherry actor does not regret singing and dancing in the rain dragged up to a Rihanna classic,

“Look, I am really glad I did that show and I had a lot of fun. It was incredibly stressful. It has been incredibly successful and has been a really great thing for my career.”

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And here it is for you Instincters, Tom Holland’s iconic performance to Umbrella by Rihanna, and Singing in the Rain! Enjoy.

Sources: British GQ

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