Trans Teen Shocked After Classmates Pay For His Name Change

Get ready to cry.

We wish we could more often share happy and loving stories like this one below. Stories of allies supporting LGBTQ people and stories of better days ahead for LGBTQ youth. Thankfully, this story and its adjoining video are the right amount of sweet to better our souls.

The video centers on transgender teen Andi Bernabe who got a major surprise on his 18th birthday. When he walked into his school’s music room, he didn’t think he’d be walking out $300 richer. Thankfully, he did.

You see, Andi’s high school classmates raised enough money for him to legally change his name. Even better, they recorded the incredibly sweet moment for all of us to see.

As Andi Bernabe told Yahoo about the moment. “It happened out of nowhere. I had no clue at all, not even hints. They made this fake paper birth certificate and they all signed it. I obviously dropped down to the floor and started crying. It was overwhelming honestly, I couldn’t believe they actually did it, especially since it’s $300. I was planning on getting a job to pay for it, and just putting a little bit away every month.”

He then added, “All the decorations were ‘It’s a boy!’-themed. The cake was strawberry and they put blue icing on top,” Berbabe says. “The joke was, ‘Oh, we accidentally made a pink cake for a girl but it turned out to be a boy.’”

Thanks to the help of his classmates, Andi can change his name faster than he expected. What a wonderful thing.

Source: Towleroad

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