Travel Thursday: 5 Gay Bars You Must Visit When Visiting NYC

Gay bars run the muck in Manhattan, and even though several iconic locations have closed down over the years, there are still plenty that are open and thriving in the city that never sleeps.

New York City is still one of the most amazing places for the LGBTQ community to visit and live in, as there is always something going on for all of us to enjoy.  But where are the best spots to go to when it comes to experiencing all you can for a great night out in Manhattan?  Take a look at five places that we think you will enjoy the most during your next trip to NYC. 


Boxers: 37 W. 20th Street & 742 9th Avenue 

Boxers is one of the few gay sports bars in Manhattan, just on a much larger scale space wise and they have two locations in Chelsea & Hell’s Kitchen.  Boxers has become quite the staple in The Big Apple, as it hosts a huge crowd nightly due to its clean atmosphere, smoking hot shirtless bartenders, great food (including Brunch) and so much more.  With fun events like “Music Video Mondays” and great happy hour deals throughout the week, Boxers has easily become one of the biggest and most known gay bars in New York City over a short period of time.  More info here.


Therapy Lounge: 348 W. 52nd Street 

Open for almost 15 years, Therapy is a bi-level and super friendly establishment that hosts some of the best drag parties during the week and an all-night extravaganza called Insomnia Fridays with DJ AJ Sanchez to kick off the weekend. Boxers and Therapy have one major thing in common that sets them apart from the other gay bars in the area: they serve food, like… really, really good food.  So if you want to eat a delicious cobb salad while kicking back and enjoying a fabulous drag show, then Therapy is the place to be. More info here.


The Eagle NYC: 554 W. 28th Street

If there is ever a place to go to in NYC where the word “leather” and “gay bar” intertwine with one another so beautifully, then the Eagle is the place to go.  Dimly lit, raw, unfiltered and uninhibited describe what this location is all about.  They have nights dedicated to all sorts of fetishes like feet, jockstraps, hankies and so much more that will require an R rating once you walk into this well-known establishment.  Consider this your updated version of the Al Pacino classic, Cruising.  More info here.


Ty's: 114 Christopher Street

Ty’s is a Christopher Street institution that has been around for almost fifty years, which is quite impressive given how lots of locations open and close within a couple of months on the island of Manhattan.  Ty’s attracts an older, bearish crowd who happen to have the baseball cap-worn-jeans-fitted tee look down.  Keeping in tradition with the older mindset, a lot of their events are geared towards a more mature crowd, such as celebrating the birthdays of Smashing Pumpkins singer Billy Corgan and The Cure musician Robert SmithMore info here.


Gym Sportsbar: 167 8th Avenue

Gym is an important location to include on the list, as it’s practically the last gay bar on 8th Avenue in Chelsea.  This particular avenue used to be the location for several incredible gay bars, many of which have gone their way of the dodo bird, but Gym has remained open for a variety of reasons.  It is a great starting off spot to get your night going, and their Happy Hour drink specials are simply fantastic.  It also creates a fun and friendly environment throughout, with a great basement space for those who want a quieter and more intimate setting.  More info here

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