Travel Thursday: Why NYC is Still A Fabulous Place to Be

Photo by Nout Gons from Pexels

New York City, like most of the world, was a much different place at the beginning of this year. Then COVID came in and almost destroyed everything in sight. Since then many Big Apple residents have flown the coop as they believe that this cherished area will never be the same again.

They might be right, but in all honesty, good riddance to them. NYC is still at the epicenter of everything, there’s just been a pause that will hopefully be over in the near distant future. In the meantime, hotspots are finally starting to open back up, indoor dining is beginning the end of the month and the spirit that is this city feels like its coming together as we head into the fall and winter seasons.

As long as its done safely, you should definitely think about booking a trip here. There are iconic places, like the Chelsea High Line and Central Park, that are absolutely fabulous to go to this time of year. Here you can walk amongst gorgeous greenery, stunning views and have a blast with your friends (masks on of course) as you take in the beauty that is NYC. 

And yes, gay bars are open. Not in its usual capacity, but now more than ever its important to think local and help save some of the best iconic institutions this community has ever seen. Enjoy a drink and bite to eat outside of places like Stonewall Inn, Gym Sportsbar, Rockbar, The Eagle and Boxers as you catch up with your pals and enjoy a ton of eye candy around you. 

Hungry? NYC still has you covered especially with indoor dining which resumes on September 30. Every type of cuisine is available at your disposal, not to mention how some of these businesses are gay owned.

In the mood for Italian? Head downtown and hit up Pepolino‘s. Like Greek? Nerai in Midtown East will fill your belly up with gyros and so much more. Love Indian food? Utsav, right outside Times Square, will do the trick. And yes, we have every kind of sushi, burger and pizza you can imagine. Yum. 

We aren’t done yet. Malls have reopened. Rejoice for anyone who enjoys the thrill of shopping before dropping with your credit cards maxed out. Sophisticated spots like The Shops at Columbus Circle are a breeze to walk through while Manhattan Mall, located steps outside the world famous Penn Station, has you covered with all your department needs. 

Bottom line, NYC is a fabulous place to be in with a big fat F. It may not be as it was before but the bigger picture is that the magic is still there. Its up to you to find it. 


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