Trixie Mattel Brings Up a VERY GOOD POINT About the ‘All Stars 3’ Finale

I'll make this short and sweet but to the point: 

Gays, ladies, straight guys who have no problem watching Drag Race: I know some of us are still going through it with how All Stars 3 turned out, but at some point we have to get past a simple television show and move on with our lives.

Trixie Mattel took home the crown on Thursday night's finale, where she joined fellow All Stars winners Chad Michaels and Alaska in their own coveted Hall of Fame.  This was riddled with a ton of controversy (some of which this writer fed into) regarding how the eliminated queens should have included Shangela in the top two as opposed to Kennedy Davenport (they got to determine who made it there out of the four remaining queens who were left).

Trixie has dealt with a lot of the backlash for this, but with one simple tweet, we are reminded that none of this is her fault:



Exactly.  She didn't do anything.  They did.  Not saying that we need to now go after the six eliminated queens, as they did what they had to, but Trixie doesn't deserve anything she's getting.  She won, she took home the crown, life goes on.

Now, we can get angry for a bunch of new reasons as season 10 of RuPaul's Drag Race starts this Thursday.  Jeez, we didn't even have enough time to tuck this time around.

Congrats, Trixie.  Seriously. 

What do you think?