Troye Sivan Helped A Gay Proposal At His NYC Concert

Troye Sivan with fans Judah and Daniel before the proposal. / Screenshot via Twitter @Troyeshalcyon

Looks like gays are falling in love with the idea of proposing at concerts, and pop stars love it too.


While Christina Aguilera helped two gay men with their second proposal not too long ago, Troye Sivan is the pop singer helping gay men this time.

Out singer Sivan helped a fan named Judah propose to his boyfriend Daniel while giving his New York Radio City Music Hall concert.

“A nice Jewish boy!” said Sivan as Daniel walked up to the stage towards his now fiancé.


Scenes like this one are becoming more common by the day. We can imagine why. Not only will the act get sites like Instinct writing about these events, but they will also show the singer’s political stance on LGBTQ rights and love.

But is that bad? Straight couples have proposed on stage for decades before this, so seeing more gay couples doing the same is only fair play. While certainly some singers, and their marketing teams, may use this as a soft publicity stunt, there’s no real harm or exploitation in it either.

At the end of the day, a new gay couple is engaged and that’s nothing short of beautiful.

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