Two Men Arrested For Old Sex Video With Police Uniforms

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Two men were arrested in connection to a nine-year-old sex video involving police uniforms.

According to the Standard, a 40-year-old man named Ng and a 45-year-old insurance agent named Chow were arrested in the town of Yeun Long on Monday, May 10. The town stands just on the northwest side of Hong Kong. The two men were then detained for questioning until Tuesday night.


Ng and Chow were arrested in connection to the Not Safe For Work video from 2012. The 10-second video, which shows three men in police uniforms having sex, went viral last month and gained the police’s attention. Ng and Chow were then held and charged for the unauthorized use of police uniforms, distributing obscene articles, possessing false instruments, handling stolen goods, and possessing offensive weapons. This is despite the fact that cybersecurity and technology crime bureau senior inspector Lau Chun-yu says only one of the two suspects appeared in the video.

Lau also notes that the possession charges aren’t just about the uniforms. He claims that the two men had a walkie-talkie, a set of handcuffs, an extendable baton, a BB gun, and a fake police warrant card. Lau also says hard disks with more pornography were found after searching the men’s apartment.


“Equipment seized from the apartment, such as a BB gun, a handcuff and an extendable baton, are not police constables’ typical equipment,” he said. “But the uniforms do bear a strong resemblance to the genuine ones, and police are still investigating their origin and authenticity.”

The two men are now facing a potential fine of up to HK$1 million (approximately $128,743) and three years in prison.

“Anyone in possession of offensive weapons, such as handcuffs, could have breached section 17 of the Summary Offences Ordinance and is liable to a two-year imprisonment,” he said. “And anyone in possession of false instruments, such as fake police warrant cards, could have breached section 75 of the Crimes Ordinance and is liable to a 14-year imprisonment.”

This case is reminiscent of another gay porn-involved investigation from earlier this year. In that case, Hong Kong police were investigating reports of a gay couple recording themselves having sex on a train. The 45-second video showed the sexual acts being committed while a second video, this time 30-seconds, showed one of the men taking a selfie on a crowded train. While police could not find the suspects, they threatened a HK$5,000 (approximately $644) fine and seven years in prison upon finding the two men.

Source: The Standard,

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