Two Videos Appear In Malaysian Sex Scandal

Images via Facebook & Pornhub

New videos have appeared online concerning the Malaysian gay sex scandal.

In May, the country of Malaysia went crazy with controversy after a gay sex video leaked. Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz, a cabinet member and the Senior Private Secretary to the Deputy Minister of Primary Industries and Commodities, then admitted to being in the sex video through the below Facebook video.


According to Aziz, the incident happened at the Sheraton Hotel Four Points. Aziz also claimed that his partner was none other than Economics Affairs Minister Azmin Ali. That said, Ali denies that allegation.

Now, two new videos involving the moment have appeared online. A new video clip showing Aziz and the unidentified man appeared on YouTube. The video, which was later removed for violating the community standards, showed two naked men in bed facing a tv news broadcast.

In that video, Aziz is then seen getting out of bed and walking around in a bathrobe. Meanwhile, the other man looks at his phone.


That video was, apparently, a fragment of the full video that appeared online. We know this because a second video, which was uploaded a few days ago, is a larger portion of the affair. The second and censored video titled “Scandal Azmin Ali Full” was uploaded on adult film sites and depicts much more of the fling.

These new incidents are just the latest in an ongoing investigation against Aziz and the unidentified man. Gay sex is illegal in Malaysia, and could lead to 20 years in prison, thanks to several laws from British colonialization. In addition, there is a widespread homophobic attitude within the country.

After Aziz’s confession to being a part of the scene, he was fired from his political aide job and arrested. That said, he was later released from bail but with the expectation to stick around for the police investigation and trial.

Image via facebook

While talking to the Straits Times, Aziz stated that he’s living in fear and assumes that his political career is over.

“This sex video scandal has affected my political dream but to what extent, I’m not really sure. But of course, in a bad way. For now, I have to forget about becoming a politician,” he said.

He then wanted to express that despite alleging that the other man was Minister Azmin Ali, he was not a part of some conspiracy to take the man down.

“I’m a victim. I am not involved in the conspiracy and I have no idea who is behind it. I leave it to the police to investigate,” said Aziz.

“Of course, the Malay-Muslim community can’t accept this kind of behaviour. But one thing is I admit – I did it. It was a mistake and the right thing to do was to confess,” he added.

We’ll keep you updated as the story continues.

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