Two View Co-Hosts Pulled On Live Television Due To Covid

Image via YouTube | Two Hosts Of “The View” Test Positive For Covid Moments Before Harris Interview
Before Interviewing Kamala Harris, Sunny Hostin & Ana Navarro Were Pulled From The View For Testing Positive For Covid-19

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Daytime talk shows provide consistent bonkers entertainment. While Wendy Williams continues to battle her demons, The View just had one of their zaniest days that didn’t include an on-air, split screen spat. On today’s show, The View co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro were shocked as producers pulled them from the stage as “”. Later, fellow co-hosts Joy Behar and Sara Haines remained alone at the large, socially distanced roundtable with Behar announcing Hostin and Navarro were pulled because they had tested positive with a “breakthrough” case of Covid-19, despite both being vaccinated “up the wazoo.” Many of us understand you can still catch the traumatizing virus while vaccinated, but it was still absolutely terrifying to watch them snatch the ladies away and then to announce their Covid status on live television. To fill time, Behar and Haines took questions live from their masked, studio audience. The View’s official YouTube hasn’t uploaded the exact moment they were told, but you can watch the bizarre removal in the clip below:


What has raised conspiracy theories on social media is the sudden pull of arguably the two most pointed co-hosts just before they were set to interview Vice President Kamala Harris. As you may be aware, Harris has landed the title of border czar and with the recent events and crisis at the border, has been in hot water, and has been relatively silent in the media. This interview was going to be one to watch, despite The View’s left-leaning politics, people were certain to tune in and try to get some questions answered. Hostin, who had choice words on a prior show regarding the Haitian immigrants and is married to a man of Haitian descent, and Navarro were assumed to press Harris on the border crisis. After the women were removed, Harris still took questions remotely rather than on stage with the ladies, although she was in the same building. 

In the eight-minute interview, Behar and Haines were left to interview Harris by themselves. Behar toted wanting to make life “less pleasant” for unvaccinated Americans as Harris championed getting vaccinated. Haines seemingly took what would have been Hostin’s question on the border crisis. Harris proclaims her outrage… of the law officials on horses which reminded her of slavery. As Behar coughed through the segment, Haines pressed Harris regarding the Haitian immigrants if they will be receiving asylum. Harris didn’t answer, but instead gave a runaround with talking of how troubled Haiti is. Haines went on to question the war in Afghanistan, and once again Harris gave a non-answer. Behar touched on abortion bans, which Harris stated that she was going to fight for women’s rights. At the end, Harris was excited to announce $1.2B USD will be going to school children to get broadband internet access. You can check out the full interview below:



A quick look into the comment sections on social media about the interview are not kind to Harris. Users were quick to point out the suspicious antics of the co-hosts suddenly having Covid right before the interview and how Harris only received “softball” questions from Behar and Haines. This isn’t the first time the Biden Administration has been called out for refusing to answer questions, so this is a bit eyebrow raising in general when audiences were expecting to finally hear about the current border crisis. Former controversial View co-host, Meghan McCainrecently gave a schating review of the Biden Administration in her column for The Daily Mail. Could it be possible that on Monday we’ll be told Hostin and Navarro had a false positive and this was perhaps a ruse? The timing is very suspect and some are seeing this. Yet, Covid-19 doesn’t discriminate, and regardless we can all unite in wishing Hostin and Navarro a fast and peaceful recovery. 


What’s your take on this bizarre situation? 

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