Tyler Perry To Protect Homeless LGBTQ Youth

Screenshot via YouTube @CBS This Morning

Tyler Perry’s new studio won’t only project new stories of representation, but also protect those minority groups, too.

This past week, Tyler Perry opened a new 330-acre movie studio, making it the first Black-owned movie studio in the United States and one of the largest, too (bigger than Disney, Warner Bros., and Paramount combined!).

To celebrate the opening, Perry held a gala. The event was graced with the presence of many notable and successful black artists working in not only Hollywood but from all over the world. Even the Clintons made an effort to drop by.





But possibly the most exciting news was revealed in a later interview with CBS’s Gayle King. Through this interview, Perry announced his plans to use part of the 330-acre studio in an effort to give back to the community. Part of the campus will have apartment buildings giving homeless LGBTQ youth and formerly trafficked women a place to stay.

“Pulling this next phase off is building a compound for trafficked women, girls, homeless women, LGBTQ youth who are put out and displaced and having a compound that is a beautiful place right here where they’re trained in the business and they become self-sufficient,” said Perry to King.

While there is currently no set date for when these apartments will be up and running, Perry shares that he has that in the works and other projects he “hopes to do soon.”

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