Tyler, The Creator Talks Liking Women And Kissing Men

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Tyler, the Creator’s opening up about his sexuality.

While talking to GQ for their annual “Men of the Year” issue, the rapper, who was named “Provocateur of the Year,” talked about his music, career, and sexuality.


Concerning the latter, Tyler, the Creator said, “I like girls. I just end up f***ing their brother every time.”

Unfortunately, that was the only time the rapper addressed his bisexuality for the interview. This seems to go on trend with Tyler, the Creator’s usually open but minimal discussion of the topic.


The rapper, producer, and co-founder of music group Odd Future has been known as bisexual for several years now. In 2017, the artist included the lyrics “I been kissing white boys since 2004” in his song ‘I Ain’t Got Time.”

Tyler, the Creator then was the subject of a major headline wave when friend Jaden Smith announced at a concert that the two were dating. But no confirmation was made on that statement, and it seems to have just been a sensationalist joke made by Jaden. One showing the impulsive side of today’s journalistic world as many ran the story without question.

Then in October, Tyler, the Creator responded to the yearlong controversy surrounding “beef” between him and Eminem. Eminem had included a homophobic diss of Tyler in his song “Fall.” The homophobic line ended up becoming the ire of other musicians and critics. But Tyler later came out to say he was never bothered by the line.

“Did you ever hear me publicly say anything about that? Because I knew what the intent was,” Tyler said.


“He felt pressured because people got offended for me,” Tyler added. “Don’t get offended for me. We were playing Grand Theft Auto when we heard that. We rewound it and were like: ‘Oh.’ And then kept playing.”

With all of this history around the rapper’s sexuality, it’s surprising that not more is known. But again, Tyler, the Creator likes to keep things open but fairly minimal around the topic. We’ll accept his wishes, so it will always be that way.

Source: GQ

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    • Your opinion. Not a fact and you making such a blanket statement shows just what you’re like. A tasteless and ignorant comment. He may not be your cup of tea but he is by no means physically unattractive.


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