UK Gov In Wales’ Twitter Account Hacked With Adult Content

Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash

The UK Government in Wales is getting ridiculed for releasing adult content through its official Twitter account.

According to the BBC, a graphic video was shared on the government’s Twitter account earlier this week. That said, the tweet was quickly deleted just a few “moments” afterwards. But, the damage had been dealt.


The UK Government in Wales later released a statement, through a similar tweet explaining the moment as a cyber-attack.

“We are aware that our account was subject to a cyber-attack earlier. We apologies for any offence caused by the material shared. We are confident the issue has now been resolved.”


That said, the Twitter account and the government’s spokespeople have refused to elaborate more on the matter, such as how the account was compromised. As such, many people have remained skeptical.



But was this an employee running loose with the account, which oddly mirrors Harry Styles’ recent viral SNL skit, or was it a cyber-attack like the government says? According to news site Motherboard, it was allegedly a minor who hacked into the UK Government in Wales’ Twitter account. As such, that’s allegedly why the hacker’s identity wasn’t shared.

Others, though, noted the strange circumstances of the account being hacked at all.

“After all of the profile account hijacking, it’s surprising that a government account can still be taken over,” said cyber-security expert Prof Alan Woodward to the BBC. Though, Woodward later applauded the government for working so swiftly to shut down the problem.

Source: The BBC

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