UK Plumber Gets Prison Time For Blackmailing Closeted Gay Man

We all know that well-worn porn scenario of the hunky plumber who shows up to fix a ‘leaky faucet’ and then, badda-bing-badda-boom!

Well, a plumber in the UK took that idea and flipped the script a bit by hooking up with a closeted, married gay man and then tried to extort blackmail to keep his secret.

Benjamin Muskett, a 31-year-old in Chester England, pleaded guilty in court to attempting to blackmail a married man over a sexual tryst in the country.

Muskett apparently spent months corresponding with his victim, who was only identified as ‘Mr. X’ in court papers, via a gay hookup site.

The two finally agreed to meet on Sunday, September 2.

According to the Chester Standard, Muskett got into the victim’s car and, after a brief conversation agreed to head out to the country for privacy.

After parking so that they could see any approaching cars, Muskett allowed Mr. X to perform “a sex act” on him in the car.

Along the way there was apparently a bit of pretending to fix a flat tire. Now, there’s a euphemism for you.

Once the deed was done, they headed back to town and parted company.

But then, Muskett contacted Mr. X and told him he’d recorded the sexcapade and wanted £5,000 in cash to keep the closeted man’s secret.

Frightened his friends and family would find out about the meet up, Mr. X contacted the police.

When the police arrested Muskett he admitted he’d never actually recorded the encounter. He eventually told police he has a female partner and children and he needed money to support them.

The judge, who called the crime “particularly vicious because it was planned and deliberate,” sentenced Muskett to 3 years in prison.

(h/t Chester Standard)

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