Ukrainian Man Stabbed By Teenagers Who Thought He Looked Gay


A Ukrainian citizen was stabbed by a group of strangers earlier today, because they thought he was gay.

According to the Kyiv Post, a group of friends were leaving a club around 5:30 am while in the capital city of Kyiv. As the group walked in the direction of a subway station, a separate group of teenagers relaxing at a nearby bench approached them.

This second group walked up to the first one and tried to instigate a fight. They insulted the first group and said their outfits made them look like they were gay.

“Those guys picked on us because we looked, as they claimed, too flamboyant,” one of the attack victims told local news source the Informator.

Unfortunately, a fight broke out between the two groups and resulted in one victim getting stabbed three times in the chest. The attacking group stole the stab victim’s phone and headed back to the bench unperturbed.

Eventually, police arrived at the scene and the teens tried to throw away the evidence. One knife was thrown into a flower bed and another was thrown into an urn of a nearby shop. Also, the phone was stashed in a bush.

The police eventually handcuffed the teenagers and took them away. Meanwhile, the stab victim was rushed to the nearest hospital in an ambulance.

h/t: The Informator, Kyiv Post

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