Ultra Naté Sets Dance Floors ‘Free’ With A Brand New Remix Package

Right now, at least for a little while, many of us are feeling more celebratory than we have in quite some time. A new administration has been ushered in (with an interest in protecting all of us) and it has given LGBTQ Americans everywhere a reason to rejoice. With that in mind, Ultra Naté has re-recorded her nightlife anthem ‘Free (Live Your Life)’ and crafted an entire remix e.p. to celebrate it, collaborating with some truly stellar collaborators to once again (after thirty years in the game) make dance floor magic! 


The remix package has sounds that span from anthemic and classic disco/pop sounds, and showcases styles such as future rave, the deep and jazzy underground house sound that continues to emerge, as well as a goth-style moodier pop take on the classic. Some of the remixers included on the package are  KDA, Fracture, Ibitaly & Gregor Salto, B-Sights, John “J-C” Carr and Wendel Patrick & they each offer their own distinct take on the anthem. Ibitalky & Gregor Salto’s Remix is high energy & piano laden dance, John “J-C” remix is a banging and industrial re-imagination of the track, and Wendel Patrick’s mix is electro-style and moody, with hints of what sounds like another of this artists classic tracks, “Found A Cure”. (Speaking of samples; “Free” was recently sampled by both MNEK for his single, “Paradise,” as well as on “Ego Death” featuring Kanye West, Tinashe and Skrillex.)

Ultra Naté explains why right now was the perfect time to relaunch her classic anthem; “When my song “Free” became a classic worldwide there was and continues to be so much love around it as it is now part of everyone’s life story. There are countless memories wrapped up in it for many people and tons of “unofficial” bootlegs!! For many years I wouldn’t even consider re-imagining and re-releasing it officially, but there comes a time when the universe forces us to stop, pay attention and recognize that we are in a defining moment and that moment is now. There are so many around the world that need the energy, hope and most of all “empowerment” that “Free” embodies. At a time when it’s needed most – we may not be able to dance together globally right now but we can raise our voices in solidarity and sing ‘you’re free to do what you want to do!’”

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