Unhinged Woman Spews Homophobic Tirade At Spa Guest

Facebook user Christopher Brown stopped by his favorite foot spa on December 30 to treat himself to some post-holiday pampering.


But shortly after he sat down for his mani-pedi, he became the target of a rude woman who called him “f*ggot,” “sissy” and “queer.”

The altercation began when Brown asked the woman if she would take her phone off speaker as she was carrying on a full voice conversation with her daughter via FaceTime. There were signs in the spa requesting customers to keep noise to a minimum.

Her response? According to Brown, she told her daughter, “Hold on, I need to take care of this f*ggot.”

That’s when he began recording the incident.


The woman demanded that the spa employees throw Brown out saying he had “harassed” her in asking her to turn down her volume.

“It’s either him or me,” the woman says over and over in the video. “He bothered me for no reason. He harassed me for no reason, telling me to get off of my phone.”

When her demands aren’t met, she finally gets up to leave, telling Brown, “Keep recording sissy, keep recording because you probably wish you had a c*nt like me, right?” 

And as she storms out, she unleashes a stream of homophobic slurs, “F*ggot, sissy, queer, fag – eat my p*ssy!”



Doesn’t she seem nice?

In posting the video to Facebook, where it’s garnered over 218K views since last Thursday, Brown says he shared the incident to show that “even in the Seattle region, life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows for the LGBT community.”

He adds, “There’s still work to do folks. #resist.”


And please feel free to share this everywhere. We’d love to find out who this charming lady is.

Local news station KOMO picked up the story and ran this report:


(h/t Queerty)

13 thoughts on “Unhinged Woman Spews Homophobic Tirade At Spa Guest”

  1. This may be a wrench in the

    This may be a wrench in the conversation, but; why not go to the manager first, why not tell someone to do something? Why do we feel that we have to 'handle' everything on our own? 

    Did he really think she would just look over at him and say, 'Thank you for calling me out and reminding me that I am being rude. I will hang up right now!". Really???

    Entitlement works both ways. 

    • How is this entitlement? Why

      How is this entitlement? Why do we need others to fight our battles? He asked her a question; she flipped out. It's quite simple.

      Her proper response should have been "I apologize; I didn't realize it was so loud" and taken it off speaker. Its call common sense and human decency. Many bigoted people lack this trait.

  2. Lets hope people find out of

    Lets hope people find out of she has a hob and she gets fired. Too bad this is a mother just shows anyone can be one. She doesnt deserve to be. I find it so annoying when people do that on their phones. Or even when they are just talking. I dont want to hear your convo. Go to the bathroom. The owner somce aogns posted ahould have said something.

  3. I wish we knew how he

    I wish we knew how he initially interacted with her. 

    While that language is not tolerated, I’d really like to know how he pressed her buttons.  

    He could have been calling her out for being loud on the phone while he’s trying to zen out and chill.  He could have been cunty towards her and disrespectful.  We only see half the story here.  


    I put blame on the business as well.  Perhaps “no loud phone calls” while getting pedicure.  Idk. 

    • Regardless of whatever set

      Regardless of whatever set her off, her behavior was idiotic. I have no doubt it was her big mouth on the phone that prompted someone to say something to her. 

    • The staff there reported he

      The staff there reported he was very polite the entire time.  This woman is truly a horrible person. 

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    • Naturally a self righteous

      Naturally a self righteous ignoramus had to throw in a racial/political remark about a video that had zero to do with politics. WTF?  I'm a republican and I thought this woman sounded like a skank. I wish I was there because I would've ripped her a new one. Very sure that all my felllow republicans wouldn't have stood for her behavior either. 


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