Vicky Vox Calls Out Shangela For Wearing a Fat Suit on ‘All Stars 3’

Shangela, who is one of the finalists on RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3, and a major contender to win the coveted crown, has felt some interesting backlash from a well-known drag queen due to the ensemble she wore during her most recent lip sync performance.


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Vicky Vox, who is one of the more known drag queens who haven't been on RPDR (yet), lashed out at Shangela for her decision to wear a fat suit during her lip sync performance of "Freaky Money" by RuPaul featuring Big Freeda. That performance secured her another win, where she ultimately sent home Morgan McMichaels after she was brought back to the competition to week before.

"I’m actually bummed out by Shangela wearing a fat suit for laughs," she captioned. "I’m tired of fat shaming being celebrated. I love you Diva but I’m in my feelings. I can’t take my fat off and i work hard like you skinny bitches to be taken seriously. I’m still the butt of the joke."

Vicky, who at one point was part of the trio DWV (with RPDR's Detox and Willam) spent the better part of the weekend, received minimal support for her decision to call Shangela out, but was primarily met with a ton of negative backlash for her thoughts.

She quickly backtracked a bit by pronouncing her love for Shangela:

Vicky then spoke about how she simply wanted to speak out about this matter without hurting others in the process.

Is Vicky in the right here regarding Shangela's outfit, or was this blown completely out of proportion? 

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  1. Jesus. I’m fat. And found it

    Jesus. I'm fat. And found it hilarious. Shut up. Maybe one day you'll be funny too. 


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