VICTORY! Anti-Gay Catholic Curriculum Pulled From Textbooks In Canada

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Last week Instinct reported on the banning of a book about gay penguins happening in Florida. Today, we are pleased to report that our queer friends to the north are celebrating the removal of a homophobic curriculum from school textbooks. Is everything just better in Canada lol? Joking aside, as reported by the Catholic News Agency,

“Textbook publisher Pearson Canada has dropped the Ontario Catholic education curriculum “Fully Alive” from its offerings after LGBT advocates claimed the Catholic content is “homophobic.”gency,'”

GO CANADIANS! How awesome it must be to live in a country where the GOP isn’t trying to erase the existence of queer people. 


The Fully Alive curriculum depicts the world through a very narrow very straight very Catholic lens. Publishing giant Pearson carried the homophobic curriculum in all grades 1-8 textbooks. In addition, Fully Alive provided resources for teachers. In a statement to CNA, a Pearson spokesperson said, they are “in the process of ending its support for Fully Alive. [We] stopped printing in December and will stop support for the digital version by March.”

Kyle Iannuzzi, a former student trustee at the Toronto Catholic District School Board now a member of its LGBT+ advisory committee, filed a complaint against Pearson said the books provide,

“sexualized notions of self that adhere with the Catholic faith but are at odds with the reality of science and nature. It really fosters an experience of loneliness of queer kids in Catholic places”



Family life and sex education according to Fully Aliveis intended to pass on a distinctively Catholic view of human life, sexuality, marriage, and family. Its goal is to complement the efforts of families and to support what parents are doing at home.” Pearson will publish a different series for Catholic schools in Canada, Growing in Faith.

A victory for one of us is a victory for all of us!

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Sources: Catholic News Agency

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