VIDEO: Arrogant and Irresponsible or Fighting for Her Rights?

Would you want this in your health care provider?  Someone who is bucking the system?  Someone who goes against federal and state policy because as a nurse, she knows better? Or is she doing the right thing since policy is not up with the facts of the disease, in her mind. 


Nurse Kaci Hickox has returned to Maine and has decided to go against suggested best practices that she finds unnecessary.  In my mind, she is playing doctor and patient.  I'm from Maine originally and now live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  I am amazed how many parts of the country have been pulled into this Ebola dilemma.  Just two weeks ago, a plane transporting one of the nurses landed in Fort Lauderdale before going back to Cleveland. Now Hickox is bringing the Ebola crisis to Maine. 


I know there are checks and balances in the health care world.  A good friend of mine is a Pharmacist and tells me he often has to call a doctor up and correct a prescription due to an oversight.  Is this nurse trying to correct a state and federal oversight?  I am not sure I would want her as my nurse. "Oh, the doctor and protocol says to do this, but I think we can change things up and not follow rules."

Watch the video and see what you think. 

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