Video Of Homophobe Jozsef Szajer’s Arrest Surfaces

(screen capture via Euro News video)

Remember that Hungarian politician who was caught at a gay orgy late last year? Well, one Belgian tv show is releasing footage of that arrest.

Back in December 2020, Jozsef Szajer resigned from his position within the ruling Fidesz party. Szajer did so after he was arrested in November for breaching coronavirus restrictions by attending a gay sex party in a Brussels apartment. Reports said that Szajer climbed out a window and attempted to escape arrest but was later apprehended by local police. The reason Szajer resigned after the scandal is that the Fidesz has been pushing increasingly anti-gay rhetoric and policies.


Now, according to EuroNews, a film crew for Belgian production company Bargeons recorded the arrest and is preparing to release a documentary about the moment. Ahead of that, the Flemish TV station VTM released a five-minute preview clip on Wednesday. The video shows Szajer, with his face blurred, pinned to a wall by police.

As you can imagine, the video has brought back conversation around Jozsef Szajer, the arrest, and the Fidesz’s homophobic policies. In response to the resurfaced conversations, Szajer released a statement.

“During my 16 years in European politics I served the interest and the freedom of the Hungarian nation, I was always ready to defend my country without compromise against the mean, hate-filled, ‘hungarophobic’ attacks,” he wrote. “For my behaviour on 27 November, 2020 I took political responsibility by my prompt resignation from my mandate and party membership and I asked for forgiveness.


He then added, “In the last few month I got several unfair, or hateful attacks but I received empathy, too. I thank everyone, who gave me spiritual support and help during the most difficult of times.”

Szajer then concluded with the claim that he has “always respected everyone’s human dignity and right to privacy”, and claimed further that, “during my 30 years of political career I never made any homophobic utterances.”

But, once again, Jozsef Szajer is a proud former member, and co-founder, of the Fidesz party. In 2021, the party updated the constitution to define marriage as strictly between a man and a woman and “the basis of the family and national survival.” And, of course, it was Szajer who drafted that new constitution.

Source: EuroNews, The Independent,

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