Video Premiere: Learn To “Love Yourself” With Tanisha Avent’s New Video

She’s appeared everywhere from Baltimore morning television to the the stages of New York City nightclubs, but Tanisha Avent is just about to hit the big time, with a hand from one oft the industry’s most prolific and popular DJ’s. DJ Ranny may call Boston home, but his international musical flavor has helped him zero in on Avent and he has put his patented touch on her latest single “Love Yourself”, with the video exclusively premiering here. (Check it out below): 

What better place is there for a burgeoning dance artist to film her latest video than right in the middle of World Pride 2019 in New York City-during the parade?! Avent’s anthem of self-acceptance and the ultimate message of girl poweris a throbbing track full of high energy good old fashioned diva vocals, and Ranny’s remix elevates the track into a true club stomper. Throughout the video you also get a look at some of the parade luminaries who hit the pavement with Avent on that magical weekend, including South Beach drag institution, the divine Tiffany Fantasia, who went viral on her own with her scorching dance moves up Fifth Avenue during the World Pride parade! 

Stream the “Love Yourself” Remixes here:

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