Video Premiere-Taylor Swift Throws A Pride Bash: Takes On The Haters Telling Them, “You Need To Calm Down”

We had already heard rumblings that Taylor Swift‘s latest single “You Need To Calm Down” was going to be a single geared towards the LGBT community, but those rumblings quickly turned into a complete core shaker when the video dropped this morning; the video is a kaleidoscope of colors, stunning and vibrant imagery, and an all-star cast of titans of the LGBT community and beyond. Swift shows her dedication to both the community, her fellow artists and a showcases a message of inclusion and equality, with tongue planted firmly in cheek the whole time. 

Swift stars the video innocently enough, making a cotton candy smoothie, then strutting outside for a dip in her gorgeously retro pool. As the camera spans out, we see trailers of many different colors throughout the park, and we are introduced to different (yet incredibly fierce people) doing everyday things. Laverne Cox is watering her plants (and sending Chester Lockhart swooning), Jesse Tyler Ferguson & husband Justin Mikita are getting married (courtesy of Ciara). Adam Rippon serves ice cream while we see a band of extremists protesting all things fabulous. Dexter Mayfield is dancing and living his best life, and Ryan Reynolds is at his easel painting and looking effortlessly stunning. 

As Swift makes her way through the park with the uber-fabulous Todrick Hall, we are treated to a tea party with the “Queer Eye” boys, and a pageant of sorts, with Billy Porter stomping the runway as an introduction, and a cavalcade of RuPaul’s Drag Race stunners ready to receive their crown (from RuPaul himself)! A neighborhood cake fight kicks off (I mean, isn’t that how all drag pageants end?) followed by Swift encountering a former rival of her own-Katy Perry. As they star at each other across the part dressed truly appropriately, these two officially bury their “beef” in the most clever way possible and show that they are much more powerful together than separate. 

Now if we can just get a duet out of them. “I Kissed A Girl 2.0” maybe? 

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