Viral TikTok Vid Spreads The Joy Of Gay/Straight Friendship

Screenshots via TikTok at @Hector_Alvarez777

There’s something sweet about gay guys/straight guy friendships. And this viral TikTok video is reminding us of that fact.

For gay TikTok user Adrian Alvarez, having a straight best friend is a true blessing. That friendship is untampered by gender norms and toxic masculinity. At the same time, the two men’s differences help to flesh out their relationship and way of life. And thankfully, Alvarez created a video to tell us all of this fact.


That video, which has garnered more than 472.7 thousand views on TikTok and 1.81M views on Twitter, introduces us to Alvarez’s best friend Hector. The video shows a series of pictures of the two while we listen to the theme song to the 2009 Disney film Up. In addition, Alvarez captioned the video, “Straight boys take notes.”

Check it out below.


Even better, many people have responded to the original tweet with praise or stories/pictures of their own friendships.



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