Viral Tweet About A Gay Son Coming To Terms With His Ex-Jehovah’s Witness Parents Will Make Your Day

Azya Babula and his two parents / Image via Instagram

Here’s an adorable story of love and acceptance for you.


21-year-old US citizen Azya Babula posted to Twitter late last month that he was thankful for his family’s acceptance of his sexual orientation.

"My parents (ex jevoha’s witnesses) finally told me they loved me and fully accapeted me being gay,” he wrote as a caption for the post.

“And then we had a full 2 hour convo about boys and exes and stuff. 21 years later y’all and the burden has been lifted off my shoulders IM SO HAPPY BUT CANT STOP CRYING.”

The post also included a video of himself as he cried and smiled towards the camera.


Babula later elaborated on Twitter that he was so touched by the love and acceptance from his religious family.

“You guys don’t understand; we fought for so long our relationship was horrible,” he remarked.


He also took the time to thank the internet for their warm response and love.


“I’m so overwhelmed and emotional ily all like this truly means so much to me,” he said.


In an interview with Pink News, Babula later spoke more on how the relationship with his family has evolved.


“My mom knew but we just never talked about it it was taboo in my family,” he shared.

“But, finally, two days ago, we had an open discussion about marriage and kids and where I see myself and my parents even threw some jokes in.”

“They finally told me that they understand that it’s not a choice, apologized that it took so long, and now I can freely talk about about it.”

“But it was a very long and hard journey to get here.”





Family time is HOT #bestfriends

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