Wait, Is Ellen Really Being Canceled?

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After Boasting About Kindness For Years, Ellen DeGeneres’ Past Is Seemingly Catching Up With Her

If you’ve worked in the entertainment industry or in Hollywood for even a week you know the three big truths: The truth about Harvey Weinstein, the truth about Bryan Singer, and the truth about Ellen DeGeneres. While anyone with Google can figure out what the these men have been accused of or are publicly guilty of, mainstream media is slowly picking up on the “face of generosity” in DeGeneres being comparable to Ursula in The Little Mermaid. It’s been widely known in the industry that DeGeneres is merely an actual act of warmth. Now, with countless allegations of how cruel she is to low level staffers and anyone who she doesn’t deem A-List, people are slowly starting to turn on her. Which is incredibly ironic, considering she’s banned comedienne Kathy Griffin (pre Donald Trump scandal) from her talk show, and others, for being too abrasive and rude. Yet, she still hangs out with former President George W. Bush, because you know, elitists. Those familiar with the many allegations surrounding DeGeneres stomachs turned a bit when she preached acceptance and warmth for those different than us and wanted everyone to forgive Kevin Hart after his past tweets forced him out of hosting the Academy Awards, all while she (allegedly) won’t look low-level staff in the eye while she screams at them. Most recently, the talk show maven lit the internet on fire with a severely unfunny joke about comparing her quarantine to jail and slickly shading that everyone in jail is gay. This joke could’ve worked coming from the sharp tongue of someone like Dave Chappelle, but with DeGeneres, it fell flat and came off irritating. Her “woke” fans and Twitter have slowly started to turn on her, and now there’s a Change.org petition to get her fired from her own talk show. Apparently, her staff isn’t too far behind on the bury Ellen train.

Change.org Screen shot as of early April 17,2020

According to Variety, The Ellen Show staff are “distressed and outraged over their treatment from top producers amid the coronavirus pandemic.” As you know, many industries have taken a huge hit during the COVID-19 Quarantine. We all have many friends, or even ourselves, who are out of work. Another industry that is doing mass layoffs is the entertainment industry. Films and television aren’t being made, which means no money is coming in, so a lot of people are now out of work with little to nothing else to do for money. It’s why people are running to OnlyFans for another source of income during these trying times. DeGeneres’ show, despite her filming via webcam from her mansion in California, is no different from the rest of the industry and her employees are feeling it, even so far as to some claiming to be suffering from severe anxiety as their jobs are blowing like a fart in the wind. Variety tells:

[DeGeneres’ employees] received no written communication about the status of their working hours, pay, or inquiries about their mental and physical health from producers for over a month, said two sources, both of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity. Higher-ups in production would occasionally answer phone calls but reveal little, added one of the sources. The crew was further incensed by the show’s recent hire of an outside, non-union tech company to help DeGeneres tape remotely from her home in California. As of April 10, crew was told to expect a reduced compensation of two, 8-hour work days per week (DeGeneres is one of the highest-paid stars on television, earning more than $50M per year). Only four core crew members currently work on the remote version of the broadcast, added insiders, who find this treatment to be totally inconsistent with DeGeneres’ daily message to her audiences: ‘be kind.’

In other interesting news: Many Hollywood A-Listers are joining a movement called the #AllInChallenge to raise funds for COVID-19 aid. According to PinkNews, DeGeneres has joined the charity as well, perhaps in a wicked PR move. She’s offering anyone who donates twenty-five dollars to the charity will be entered in a raffle to be a guest co-host of hers for a day, with the chance to interview A-List celebrities alongside her. Groundbreaking! Still, we can all be certain she’ll get an insane amount of fans who want to take a bite of the apple. However, we can be more sure that she’ll severely vet whoever they decide to “select at random” to be television-friendly.

Do you think DeGeneres might get fed up with all of the negative attention and eventually call it quits? Would the internet have enough power to cancel her? What’s going on?!

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  1. This is the typical standard…. Gay people have been persecuted to a certain extent so have a shit load of immigrants…. However from my own personal experience “White Gays” are entitled and believe they deserve special treatment….”white gays” are allowed to prejudice towards everyone else. Fuck white entitled people

    • With an attitude like the one you have , you deserve to be persecuted !
      Thanks for trying to divide the gay community , idiot . You only hurt yourself .

      • Hahaha. Oh the truth hurts…. Poor white fucks. You fucks do it to yourselves…. You have categories for each other with in your “community. Hahaha… Sure everyone and everything but the poor WHITE gays! GTFO of here with that shit bitch!

  2. So typical , especially someone who is ” friends ” with a lying , hypocritical Republican politician . Besides can’t you just see in her face how she thinks she is ” better ” than most gays ?? I vote to have her show cancelled too . In fact at this point the only publicity she should have is ” bad ” publicity .

  3. I am always hesitant to trust people who are always so nice in public and come across as being saint like. There is always a dark side that all people hide and Ellen is one of them.


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