WALK THE MOON is Back With New Music and Set to Tour in Fall

WALK THE MOON drop a new single, “Can You Handle My Love?” along with a music video for the single. (Photo Credit: Single Art via WALK THE MOON Official Twitter Account and screenshots from the music video via WALK THE MOON Official YouTube Channel)

“Did we just write the summeriest summer vibey summer song of all time?” Nicholas Petricca, lead singer of the rock band, WALK THE MOON, asked in a video on the band’s TikTok account


what have we done?? #newmusic #walkthemoon #songofthesummer #djkhaled

♬ Can You Handle My Love?? – WALK THE MOON


The song Petricca is referring to is the band’s new single, “Can You Handle My Love?,” which was released Wednesday, July 14 along with two other songs, “Giants” and “I’m Good.”



“Can You Handle My Love?” is the newest single released by the WALK THE MOON since their last single, “Lose You Again (feat. BRÅVES)” came out in August 2019.  Last year, at the end of June, Petricca came out as bisexual in a video posted to Instagram. In the video, Petricca said:

i’m here to say:  i am Bisexual.  i have feelings for, am attracted to both men and women, and i have had experiences with both men and women, and i’m proud of it.  i believe that sexuality is a spectrum, and i believe that most people probably live somewhere in between these far ends, heteronormative ends of this spectrum.  and i believe that you can be an LGBTQ+ person whether you have had a particular type of experience with someone yet, or ever, in your life.

WALK THE MOON released the music video for “Can You Handle My Love?” on their YouTube channel at noon eastern time.  The video can be seen below.


The band also performed “Can You Handle My Love?” for the first time live on Late Night with Seth Meyers.


WALK THE MOON announced dates for their fall tour on July 12.


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