Watch Gay Elders React To “In A Heartbeat”

Screenshot via YouTube @intomore

It’s time for another reaction video to In A Heatbeat, and we couldn’t be happier.

In A Heartbeat is an animated short created by animation duo Beth David and Esteban Bravo. The two were just graduating college and looking for animation jobs when they released the short film. It was a project to test out their skill, show off their artistic talents, and also give representation to those who needed it.


In the specific video, we see two young boys on their journey to school. One is oblivious to the other while our main character is obsessed with his peer. The video then expresses what happens when a gay crush goes crazy.

While we’ve already shared kids reacting to the animation and the creators reacting to the kids video, we are now happy to see gay elders watching the video too. While INTO’s journalism sector is no more (after making an exposé article about parent company Grindr), the video making department is still going strong. And, their most popular series is having gay elders reacting to gay icons, adult film stars, music videos, mean comments, gay history, and more.

And now, you can watch Robert E. Reeves, Michael Peterson, Jessay Martin, and Bill Lyons watch and react to In A Heartbeat. In fact, you can do so right below.

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