Watch: The Creators of “In a Heartbeat” React to Elders Watching “In a Heartbeat”

Screenshot: Fine Bros Entertainment

We should support LGBTQ content and media by supporting and celebrating the people who make them.

And that’s just what Youtube Channel the Fine Brothers decided to do. They’ve already recorded a video of Elders reacting to the short film animation “In a Heartbeat,” and are working on a kids react this very moment, but they also decided to celebrate the creators by inviting them to the studio.

That’s right, you can watch the video of “In a Heartbeat’s” creators Beth David and Estaban Bravo reacting to the Elders as they watched the video for the first time.

Check out the video below:


But who are Beth David and Estaban Bravo? Well, just a year and a half ago, the two were simply animation students at the Ringling School of Art and Design in Florida.

At that time, they were working on a joint college thesis project. At first, they weren’t crazy over the idea and didn’t know how to approach it, but that soon changed.

“The original pitch was a story between a boy and a girl,” David told NBC News. “But it wasn’t until we made it about a same-gender crush that the idea really started to take form and resonate with Esteban and I. We realized that we had something that could potentially be really special to us.”

From there, the two decided to go further than fulfilling a class project and moved on to creating an actual short to release out into the world. In order to do that, they crowdfunded for the project and successfully raised more than $14,000 on Kickstarter back in December.

From there, it’s been hard work for the both of them to make the project come alive and they did that while continuing their lives. The two graduated from college and began working their way into the animation field, but with viral hit “In a Heartbeat” under their belts, they’ve got a leg up on the competition.

Plus, they have promised each other to not only continue working with together for future projects, but to leave the possibility open of making “In a Heartbeat” a larger story.

We look forward to seeing their dreams become a reality and we at Instinct will continue to support and celebrate them every step of the way.

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