Watch Leslie Jordan’s Hilarious Reaction To ‘WAP’

Images via YouTube and Instagram @Cardi B & @thelesliejordan

“I guess every garbage can has its lid.”

For the past few weeks, the internet and the world have been rocked by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s single and music video “WAP.” The song, with a title short for “wet-a** p***y, is as graphic and sexual as songs can go. And many who’ve listened to the song or watched the adjoining video have either praised the graphic content or condemned it.


But what about celebrity reactions? We’ve already shared with you fitness expert Shaun T’s twerk-tastic viral video, and now comedian Leslie Jordan has one of his own.

Out comedian and actor Leslie Jordan released a video online of himself initially dancing to the song before stopping in utter shock. Jordan looked floored as he listened to lyrics like, “Wet-a** p***y, make that pullout game weak.”

“Oh Lord, no, no, no!” he exclaims in his reaction video. “I can’t believe it, well that is just shocking. Well, I don’t judge. To each his own. I guess every garbage can has its lid.”


Like with the Shaun T video, Cardi B saw and reshared Leslie Jordan’s reaction. This time, however, she shared the video on her Instagram story. Thankfully, Cardi B and her fans saw the humor and fun behind Jordan’s video as the rapper shared the Instagram video with the text, “I’m F***ing Dying.”

We’re glad to see all the fun and light happening around “WAP,” and it seems like the fun is still going!

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