“We Are Moving Now To An Inclusive Policy For Blood Donation”, BUT…

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The F.D.A. has finally eased the restrictions regarding gay men and blood donation. But many feel these new guidelines are still homophobic and archaic. HIV is not a gay disease and the ban on blood for years was seen as yet another attack on men who sleep with men.


According to The New York Times, “The F.D.A. said the new approach would be gender-inclusive — the screening would also apply to women who have sex with gay and bisexual men — and would focus on individual risk, not blanket prohibitions on groups. People seeking to donate blood will be asked about their recent sexual activity and partners, as well as injectable drug use.

The new guidelines also say,

“Potential donors will be asked whether they have had new sexual partners, or more than one sexual partner, in the past three months. If so, they will also be asked whether they engaged in anal sex. If they report such activity, they will not be permitted to donate at that time.”



Dean Bruce, a sophomore public relations major at Temple University, spoke to The Temple News regarding the still homophobic guidelines commenting, “It was sad. It was depressing to be like, ‘Oh, this is the way that we’re still operating.’” The Temple News also reported on these outdated guidelines writing,

“Although the FDA is taking a step toward inclusivity, this proposal still targets men who have sex with men by only restricting donors who have had anal sex, not vaginal sex, for an extended abstinence period. The FDA must continue to reevaluate the blood donor restrictions targeting MSM to stop the discriminatory misconception that gay men are the biggest spreaders of HIV.”  







According to the Department of Health and Human Services 22 percent of HIV diagnoses were acquired through heterosexual contact in the United States in 2020.

Yes, these new guidelines are a step in the right direction but the next step is a FULL REPEAL OF THIS HOMOPHOBIC BAN.

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Sources: The New York TImes, The Temple News

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  1. I’ve never understood this nonsense. What criteria do they use to determine if men volunteering to donate blood answer their dumb questions truthfully? This was and continues to be sheer stupidity!


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