There’s A ‘What We Do In the Shadows’ BTS Podcast?

Kayvan Novak (left) Harvey Guillén (right) in What We Do In the Shadows. / Image via FX

What We Do In The Shadows and Nandermo fans, we’ve got some fun news for you!

Fans of the hit comedy, which airs on FX, will be excited to hear the news that there’s a new behind the scenes (BTS) podcast. Even better, the show is hosted by star Harvey Guillén who plays queer character Guillermo de la Cruz.


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What We Do In The Shadows is a mocumentary comedy series that follows the antics of a small family of vampires in Staten Island. Based on the 2014 film of the same name, the show includes the queer lead Guillermo (the vampire Nandor’s former human familiar). And, again, the show will now have a companion podcast that will show behind-the-scenes facts and stories about the series’ latest episodes.

Produced by Straw Hut Media, Behind the Shadows w/ Harvey Guillén already has the first three episodes of the show’s season four. Each episode includes a special guest such as Kristen Schaal, Anoop Desai, and Fred Armisen. Each actor plays a guest or recurring role on the show and discusses their time making the series.

Image via FX

Is Nandermo Coming?

As for fans hoping to hear any rumblings of Guillermo getting together with his former vampiric master Nandor the Relentless (Kayvan Novak), the show’s cast and crew have already shared their thoughts.

“A whole year has gone by since we last saw Guillermo in a coffin,” Guillen said, via Slash Film, referencing the character’s trip abroad to London with Nadja (Natasia Demetriou). “Being away from the group, Guillermo realizes a lot of things about himself and realizes a lot of things that he’s been missing in life, in general. So [Nandor and Guillermo] are both after love.” The actor added that the two have a strong bond and love that’s “really great and deep, but not always in a relationship form.”

Meanwhile, Series EP and writer Paul Simms straight out said “both Nandor and Guillermo find love this season.”

But who will they fall in love with? Each other? Or someone else? We’ll have to see as season four continues. If you want to join the fun, you can watch each episode on FX on Tuesday nights or on Hulu the next day. As for the podcast, you can check it out on all streaming platforms and YouTube.

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