We Stan This Worker Who Locked A Male Karen Out Of Her Store!

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Be gone Karen! A T-mobile employee wins the internet today as she perfectly deals with the male equivalent of a Karen. (Have we not figured out a name for male Karens yet?) The calm, cool, and brilliant worker was having none of whatever he was trying to sell. 

The TikTok video opens with the customer asking, “I just want to talk to you for a second.” Our heroine answers, “Yeah sure, let me take care of you right out here.” Notice the customer is not wearing a mask, while everyone else shown in the video, and in the store was masked. Could that be the issue?


Hey, Karen’s of the world FYI: private businesses have the right to ask everyone to wear a mask. Or shoes and a shirt. If you don’t want to wear any of those things, feel free to shop somewhere else. And no, your rights have not been infringed upon. 

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Instead of talking to the (allegedly) entitled and rude customer, as soon as he is outside, the employee locks the door. Other customers can be heard laughing in the background as the disgruntled customers says, “Whatever.” 

The video has clearly resonated with the public garnering over 424,000 likes and over 7,800 comments, and counting! 


“Somebody find her and give her an award. Asap”

“Gotta love the ton of arrogance in his voice like even her idea of going outside was his idea because ‘he approves’ Got played.”

“Whoever she is. where ever she is. I hope she is doing well.”

“Awesome way to handle cry babies. Time out for you”

“That’s how I walk people out of a bar. ‘Sorry I can’t hear you’ until the most convenient place is outside.”

“And that ladies and gentlemen is how it’s done, LMAO.”

To be fair, there are a small number of comments and people standing up for the customer saying that was not the best way to handle a paying, albeit unmasked, customer.

“That’s mature.”

“If you can’t handle somebody that’s obviously taking direction and somewhat reasonable, management is not for you.”

But there are WAY more comments standing with the T-mobile employees,



“Love it! This is how managers should handle Karens and Chads.”

“Give this woman an award! That is so smart!”

Check out the 15-second video below! 

What do you think Instincters? Applause for the T-mobile employee? Sound off in the comments below.


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9 thoughts on “We Stan This Worker Who Locked A Male Karen Out Of Her Store!”

  1. I’m pretty sure that it’s illegal to lock a door like that (one where you have to turn a knob to open it, vs. having a push-bar…but I might be wrong) while there are customers in the store. Regardless, he seemed reasonable, and the woman acted like a douche.

  2. Just a heads up (though I’m not sure why such a heads up is needed if one is a professional writer) the plural of Karen is Karens, not Karen’s (the latter is possessive).

  3. My dearly departed twin sister’s name was Karen. My name is Kevin. I beg of you, please choose a name other than Kevin for these arrogant, entitled A holes. I promise you, neither of us act/acted like these people do.

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  5. Like a lot of these videos, we have no idea what transpired before the camera was turned on. But it appears that the customer DID agree to step outside because he wasn’t wearing a mask, and the employee agreed to talk to him as a result. Slamming the door in his face and locking it was not only rude, but really unprofessional.

  6. But I like the one the article used up top, “Chads.” It seems so appropriate, like the “hanging chads” in the 2000 election fracas.

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