We’re Loving The “I’d Come Out To Her” Meme

Images via CBS, PBS, and Walt Disney Studios

What a perfect meme for Women’s History Month! 

We love how memes and trends evolve online. This weekend, a new meme and trend took over Twitter. At first, the meme started as a comparison of the old Ms. Frizzle from the cartoon The Magic School Bus with the new Ms. Frizzle. This new Frizzle is not, in fact, the Ms. Frizzle most millennials and Gen Zers grew up knowing. Instead, she’s the younger sister of the original cartoon teacher. She appeared in Netflix’s 2020s series The Magic School Bus Rides Again. And for most people, her arrival was not welcome.


From there, the joke evolved. After Twitter user @MajorPhilebrity posted, “Hard to explain but I would come out to the Ms Frizzle on the left, but not the one on the right,” Gay twitter users decided to celebrate fictional women they WOULD come out to. This includes Fran Fine from The Nanny, Betty and Hilda Suarez from Ugly Betty, Miss Piggy from The Muppets, Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers, and more.


So, Instinct readers, we have to ask. Which fictional female characters make you feel most safe? Who would you come to? Share your favorites and thoughts down below.

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