What a Tasty Dish: Chef Steven Frappolli Is Our Hottie of the Week!

Credit: Steven Frappolli

Hmm. A beefy, deliciously handsome chef who can make you all sorts of meals and keep you satisfied in more ways than one? Consider us sold! 

Chef Steven Frappolli is our latest Hottie of the Week. The inspiration behind picking him comes from many different avenues, one being the need to gawk at a totally dreamy guy, but the other is the desire to highlight one of the most talented openly gay chefs out there. 

Steve’s passion for cooking has been around ever since he was a kid when he would often experiment in the kitchen while his parents were out and the babysitter wasn’t paying attention. He eventually got accepted into the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in 1986 which led him to his first professional job at Larry Forgione’s An American Place in New York City, which was a legendary Modern American hotspot. 

Leaving The Big Apple can be quite difficult, especially when its pretty much the culinary capital of the world, but Steve found greener pastures in Provincetown, Massachusetts only years into his career beginning. 

While in Provincetown, he took over as head chef/co-owner at the rustically wonderful Cafe Edwige. His fresh take on Cape Cod cuisine garnered widely positive critical reviews, and Cafe Edwige was featured as a Choice Table by New York Times food writer Molly O’Neill. This helped him open up the highly-regarded Frappo66 concept restaurant, also in Provincetown, which showcased high quality, accessible world cuisine in a casual atmosphere.

Since then he’s been a successful private chef with clients all over the country including ones in The Hamptons and Palm Beach. Essentially he’s an added bonus to any dinner party you might be throwing in the future (after the pandemic is over) as you get a superbly hot guy cooking you an amazing meal. Once again… SOLD!

Check out more on our interview with this fascinating and stellar dude. 

What do you think is the most attractive part about yourself?

Wow!! What a question! Hahaha. That is so hard to answer but probably my ability to make people happy with food. It is such a primal thing, you know? I love entertaining large groups (food hospitality that is).  Having guests leave my home or restaurant saying, “WOW.. that was fantastic” means I did my best at making them happy through the experience I coordinated.          

What do you find guys compliment on you the most, physically?

I guess I’m complimented on my blue eyes. my big butt and my chest… not necessarily in that order. Oh yeah, my calves too. I’ve never been complimented on my non-existent abs though.

What, to you, defines sexy in another man?

Confidence and honesty I suppose. Add a great sense of humor and an authentic smile and I have your attention. As far as physicality is concerned my tastes run the gamut.

What is the proudest moment in your life so far in being an openly gay man? 

Probably seeing my face in the New York Times feature article on the Provincetown dining scene. I was young and still getting grounded. It was a career rush. The restaurant was packed every night from that day forward.    

What haven’t you accomplished, personally or professionally, that you are wanting to do in the next 2-3 years?

Being either a restaurant chef or a private chef has given me little time to give back in the volume that I always have wanted to. I volunteered at an animal rescue for several years and so many of those creatures grabbed my heart. I often think of a way I could combine the professional aspect of being a chef and incorporate it with benefitting a rescue league. Perhaps a Felliniesque charity event where I cook for the guests and their rescues.  I’d love to retire some day and have a home full of rescue dogs to spoil and to greet me every morning.  

Have you found love? If so what is the best part of your relationship and what do you love most in your partner(s)?

Yes, I have. I honestly think the best part of my relationship is the day to day. The basic stuff. It is so hard to reach that point but It is also the most rewarding.  Knowing that you are there for each other.   Nothing to prove. Laughing about things together like its all an inside joke. That is priceless.  

Rapid fire question time: 

Favorite movie of all time?

It’s a toss up between Scarface featuring Al Pacino and Serial Mom featuring Kathleen Turner.

Biggest celebrity crush right now?

David Chang! His new shows on Netflix are captivating. It all comes from the heart.

Favorite cheat meal or snack that you can’t get enough of?

Homemade Jersey style crumb cake.  The crumbs need to be over an inch thick, salty and sweet, and almost a fudge consistency with a spike of cinnamon. The cake base a rich and buttery homemade vanilla cake. Dust the top with confectioners sugar and I can eat whole thing in a few hours.

If you’re stuck on an island for eternity, what CD do you want to have there with you?

The B-52’s debut (yellow album). My freak flag has been blowing in the wind ever since the first listen!!

What does it mean to be featured as our Hottie of the Week for you?

What an honor to be considered for something that I think I could have been nominated for 20 years ago!  A hottie at 53?  What more could I ask for ? LOL. Its fun to express yourself so others get to know a little bit more about you.

Get to know more about Steven and his culinary creations by following him on Instagram here.

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