What’s Got Nyle DiMarco Saying The Words ‘Moaning Intensifies’?

Nyle DiMarco just gave us something really naughty to think about as we woke up on a Thursday morning.


He tweeted these two words: "moaning intensifies." So what's got the former America's Next Top Model winner all hot and bothered?

Popular adult website Pornhub announced that they are introducing closed captioning for their porn. Nyle, who is deaf, has been a champion for people who are hearing-impaired ever since he became famous a couple of years back. He was clearly excited about the porn-related news and shared it on his Twitter.


Of course, this led to many of his followers posting "thirst" related GIF's in the process. See below:


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  1. Fyi it’s  not hearing

    Fyi it's  not hearing impaired, its Deaf and hard of hearing. Hearing impaired is the label hearing people have Deaf people


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