Nyle DiMarco Encourages His Followers to Get Disability-Related Emojis Approved

America's Next Top Model winner Nyle DiMarco is incredibly passionate about his causes, primarily with ones relating to the millions of others just like him who are either deaf or hard of hearing.

It is something he has discussed for several years now, since he shot to fame on the popular CW series, and now he's taking his activism in this field by encouraging his followers and millions of others to get disability-related emojis approved ASAP.

He tweeted a collage of photos, all of which represent emojis for people who are dealing with one or more disability.  He simply asked the following: "RETWEET TO GET THEM APPROVED!!!"



The First row (from left to right) is an ear with a hearing aid, a seeing-eye dog in a harness and a prosthetic arm. The second row (same pattern) features a person in a manual wheelchair, a closeup of a person's face making the ASL sign for "deaf" and a blind person walking with a cane.  The third row is a prosthetic leg, a service dog in a vest with leash and a person in a power wheelchair.

In three short days, the tweet has received 78,000 retweets and 67,000 likes, with several people sharing their thoughts of encouragement that these emojis get approved.  Here's hoping Apple recognizes his efforts in this, and these emojis will show up on the latest iPhone update in due time.



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