What’s the best Lube to use? Here’s one man’s (and his cucumber’s) opinion.

For beginners or pros, it's always good to get some sex advice.  Yes, that is the main reason porn movies are made right?  Or at least that is what those blurry beginning credits say.  You know the ones that you always miss while you're, um, popping your pop corn.

What is the best lube to use?  Is this a question you have while at dinner with friends?  Do you ask each sex partner you have as to what their preference is?  Water based?  Silicone? Do you even use lube every time? What about for "solo activities?"

Who better to educate us than Supaman!  Oh there may be better, more clinical educators on this subject, but this video by Martell Supaman Todd will keep your attention.  I am not sure I heard a word he said the first time through.  Well I heard words, but I think that voice was so soothing, I just watched him play with his cucumber he named Supaman Jr.

Watching it a second time was when I was actually paying attention to words coming out of his mouth and listening to his advice.  Watch the video here if you wish. Kinda NSFW.



What did I get out of this?  Find one that works for you, but not using one at all is not good.  But I do think it is important to talk with your partner.  Some people respond differently to water based or silicone lubricants.  So if you're going to play together, after all the very important health questions and discussions, add on the lube discussion.  Maybe even have a nice array of lubes and condoms to choose from so you both are in on the protection a pleasure selection process.  It might help to spice things back up after the serious health quiz.

Thanks again Supaman for the education.  We know you're not a documented expert and I am sure some will agree and disagree with you, and that's okay!  It was great advice, but I may just have to watch this again with the sound off and with something you recommended from Walgreens.

What do you think?