When A Transgender Candidate Is Running For Office & Voters Don’t Consider It An Issue … Pinch Us!

Back in mid-August we shared Vermont: Trans Businesswoman Clinches Historic Gubernatorial Nomination. Democrat Christine Hallquist has been campaigning to become the next governor of Vermont, but what Samantha Bee's Full Frontal  has uncovered is that the whitest state in America doesn't really care about Christine being transgender.

Maybe we shouldn't word it that way.  The TBS show sent Ashley Nicole Black to Vermont to interview the "transgender trailblazing hero," but Hallquist stated that nobody in Vermont cares about her gender. They are paying attention to her platform – fixing the state's shoddy internet.

"I have to say, since I've been here, everyone seems one, very nice; two, very well informed," she told one voter. "Maybe you guys should not get internet."

A couple of concerns with the Full Frontal video are:

  • What are the major issues in the governor's race?
  • Did they interview just democrats? 
  • Did they ask Hallquist why she feels she is behind Gov. Phil Scott (R) by 14 points?

Below is the last debate that occurred on Oct 24.  The highlights are:

  • Scott both defended and sought to distance himself from Act 46, the controversial school district consolidation law while Hallquist accused Scott of trying to “hide” behind the claim that he has no control over the situation.
  • Hallquist tried to call out Scott for not putting more money into the underfunded state retirement system. But her attempt backfired when the governor put her on the spot. 
  • The governor also questioned Hallquist's actions while she was the CEO of Vermont Electric Coop. 
  • Hallquist challenged Scott to take a stronger stance against the national Republican Party.
  • The third part of the debate featured questions submitted by residents ahead of time. One came from a Vermont inmate struggling with opioid addiction, who asked why he wasn’t getting treatment in prison.  – sevendaysvt.com




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