When Face Time Isn’t Enough, Throw On A Fierce Outfit And Sing

Joshua Sade James (courtesy photo)
Joshua Sade James (courtesy photo)

It’s love in the time of quarantine for out artist Joshua Sade James and his yearning new single, “I’ll Wait For You.”

“I originally wrote this song about four months into quarantine,” James shared with Instinct. “It took me less than two hours; all of those feelings were incredibly raw at the time, so I wasn’t surprised at how quickly it flowed.”


With a long-distance relationship at hand, and closed borders, the singer found the only way to meet up with his boo was with the power of Face Time.

“In a way, ‘I’ll Wait For You’ was written almost as a ‘swan song’ to my relationship since we didn’t — and still don’t — know when we will be able to see each other again,” he mused.

The new song was penned with his grandfather’s acoustic guitar, but James instinctively knew the background vocals and overall vibe needed to level-up their impact, one way or another. “If you ask any of my producers,” explained the Canadian troubadour, “I am one who is prone to wanting grand embellishments on my tracks!”

James felt the piece really needed a choir, but in COVID lockdown, that could have proven problematic. But the artist’s producer came armed with skills.


“My producer, Mike Tompa, turned my voice into an army of 30!! I cried the first time I heard the song in its full form, and had an ‘a-ha’ moment: when I perform this song live, it’s gonna be epic.”

Between shifting rhythms and a romantic rap thrown in for good measure, it all comes together with James’s smooth-as-silk vocals shimmering above the gorgeous pensive production.

The new single from Joshua Sade James, "I'll Wait For You"
The new single from Joshua Sade James, “I’ll Wait For You”

Wanting to capture “the essence” of his life and the song, James admits there is a duality at play in the music video.


“We wanted to capture the two sides of me: the one who is JSJ, who wears extravagant outfits and SLAYYYYYS, and the Joshua who loves being lazy and hanging out in his velour tracksuit.”

At the same time, James wanted to play off to focus on the core of the song: being in love, and separated by factors outside of your control.

“So, naturally, I chose to wear a fancy outfit and sing while lost in the wintry woods, while also in my sweats in a studio on FaceTime. It represents the before and after, the behind the scenes vs the final product, and the stage performance vs the crushing reality.”

James has kept busy during the pandemic releasing his previous singles and videos, “All Fall Down” and “Closer” in 2020 and early 2021 respectively, as well as a six-track EP, Mirrors And Smoke.


He’s currently putting the finishing touches on his upcoming EP, JSJ, (Joshua Sade James).

In addition to his performing and recording work, James is an active advocate for mental health rights and proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Check out the new song, “I’ll Wait For You,” below. You can follow Joshua on Instagram here.

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