When It Comes To Gender Reveal Parties, Do You Support The Practice?

Are you a fan of gender reveal parties?  I avoid them like I avoid the garter belt removal and throwing at a straight wedding. There's no harm done with either event, but I just don't care to attend.


Gender reveal parties provide an opportunity for couples and their friends and family to get to know what color clothing to buy the child, what color to paint the nursery, what kind of hair cuts they will receive, and what kind of toys the infant will get to play with until they can decide on their own.

So, yeah. No harm done, except for this gender reveal. 

Back in April of 2017 in the Santa Rita Mountain Foothills in Arizona, a gender reveal party hosted by Border Patrol Agent Dennis Dickey and his wife did not go so well for the family or the environment.




U.S. Forest Service blacked out persons shown in the video. "Start packing up!"

Dickey admitted the fire started when the dad-to-be shot the target during his family's gender reveal party for his expecting wife. The target contained Tannerite, an explosive that detonates when shot by a high-velocity firearm, which has also been linked to wildfires in several other Western states.

Was it a big fire? It was big enough to be named The Sawmill Fire, burned 47,000 acres, and cost $8.2 million to extinguish, with nearly 800 firefighters working to put out the disaster.


Dickey agreed to pay $220,000 in restitution after he pleaded guilty Sept. 27 of this year in federal court to a misdemeanor charge of causing a fire without a permit.

Do you attend gender reveal parties?

As an LGBT person, do you think you have a different outlook on gender than non-LGBT?

Have you had a gender reveal party for your child-to-be?

h/t:  tuscon.com

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