Where Are The Australians’ Jockstraps, Gaga?!

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But where are the jockstraps?!

Back in May, when Lady Gaga fans were getting excited for the release of the singer’s latest album Chromatica, Gaga announced she’d be selling merchandise. This merch included plenty of clothing such as shirts, sweaters, socks, and revealing underwear. When YouTuber Tyler Oakley heard of this merch, he wondered why there wasn’t a jockstrap.


“briefs… tongs… but WHERE is the chromatica jockstrap??? We want answers,” he wrote [sic].

Just a week after his tweet, Lady Gaga announced that a hot pink jockstrap worth $30 was added to the collection.


But now, according to Australian magazine Pedestrian.tv, many of those jockstraps have yet to arrive to their rightful homes. While the item is sold out in all sizes, Australian fans have been waiting over five months for their underwear.

As one fan told the Australian publication, he ordered a pair in May and has yet to receive it. He then contacted the store in charge of Chromatica merchandise, but only received a response after contacting them three times.

“On the 6th of June, I still had received no confirmation email and decided to send another email querying the status of the order. Within a few days, I received a response stating that there were production delays and the product would be shipped within the next two to three weeks,” said the fan, who later received a shipment email on September 2. 

“Frustrated, I fired back asking why the order confirmation was only sent after my 3rd email query following up the status and the generic response provided was an apology for the order delay and a copy-paste of the previous email response,” he added.


It seems that the fan has still not received the underwear despite it being half-a-year since he first ordered it. And it appears he’s not the only one. Another fan also came forward to share a similar story.

“To be honest, I’m super annoyed by it,” said the second Australian fan. “I’ve seen people in America receive their orders months ago, but it seems nearly everyone in Australia who has ordered one is in the same position.”


“I’m still holding hope they’ll come before her next album is released,” the begrudged fan added.

So it seems that Tyler Oakley’s initial question is still relevant today. “WHERE is the chromatica jockstrap???”

Source: Pedestrian.tv,

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