Which Member of the Queer Eye Fab Five is the Favorite in Each State?

Queer Eye Season 3 is set to hit Netflix on March 15 and the announcement has fans of the Emmy-winning show excited about catching up on all the heartwarming stories and life-changing makeover goodness with the Fab Five. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good binge-watching session? The show has propelled the members of the Fab Five to superstardom, making them icons in the industry.


These ambassadors of taste share their endearing brand of self-love across the United States, and it shows in all of their work to better the LGBTQ+ community and raise awareness for the issues some face. The Fab Five advocate for many of the same things that we do. For example, Kamaro Brown is a health and wellness ambassador for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He also founded 6in10.org, an organization that aims to combat the stigma of HIV as well as provide mental health support for those with it. Other members use their social media accounts and their national fame to promote LGBTQ+ acceptance and equality.

How does the popularity of the Fab Five’s members differ in different states and throughout the country?


Overall, Jonathan Van Ness was the front runner, being the favorite in 24 states, double that of Karamo Brown who was in second place with 12 states,  Tan France came in third with nine states, Antoni Porowski came next with four states, and in fifth place came Bobby Berk with only two states.



To find these results, Bespoke used Google Trends search interest data collected from January 2017 (the announcement of the reboot) to February 2019 (the announcement of Season Three). We compared the search interest on the names of the Fab Five members and analyzed the data to determine the most popular in each state.

When this state-by-state analysis is compared to their count of followers on Instagram, there are some interesting similarities and differences. Jonathan has 2.8 million followers on Instagram, the most of any of the Fab Five. That corresponds with the findings of our study. Even though Karamo came in second place for the most popular in the states, he comes in at fourth place for the amount of Instagram followers, with only 1.7 million. Antoni was only leading in four states, but when it comes to his Instagram, he is way ahead of most the gang with 2.6 million followers. Tan isn’t doing too shabby either, with 2.1 million followers. But it seems to look like Bobby is the least favorite all around with only 1.6 million followers.

h/t: content and images – Bespoke

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