Who Dropped Trou The Best On Screen in 2019 (So Far)?

Credit: Square Peg

A number of leading men in Hollywood have stripped down to their birthday suits on screen over the past couple of decades.

Notable names include Richard Gere in American Gigolo, Ben Affleck in Gone Girl and Adam Devine in Game Over, Man! 


2019 has seen no shortage of this fascinating portion of the movie-going experience, where a whole new crop of handsome men have dropped trou for audiences to view, dissect and hopefully enjoy. 

Mr. Man, a website that has had a penchant of showing celebrity men in their most naked moments for years, came up with a list of the best Full Frontal Contenders of 2019 (thus far) earlier this month. 

Jack Reynor in Midsommar (pictured above) is one, while others swinging pendulums like Micah Stock in Tales of the City and Kentez Asaka in She’s Just a Shadow also made the cut (or uncut).

Take a look at the full list here

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