Who Gets Your Vote to Win Season 10 of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race?’

The day has finally arrived, hunties! Tonight, either Kameron Michaels, Eureka, Asia O'Hara or Aquaria will be crowned the winner of RuPaul's Drag Race.

One of these four queens will join in a legendary lineup of past winners that include Bebe Zahara Benet, Tyra Sanchez, Raja, Sharon Needles, Jinkx Monsoon, Bianca Del Rio, Violet Chachki, Bob the Drag Queen and Sasha Velour

Each of the four queens have some immense strengths to them that could easily make them the winner in roughly 12 hours from now. On the flip side, they have some negatives that could prevent them from getting that crown placed upon their head.

Let's break down the strengths and weaknesses of each queen left and try to come to a conclusion on who has the best shot at really winning tonight.



  • Aquaria is very similar to how Violet was on her season in terms of her incredible fashion knowledge that was apparent from day one. 
  • She also was surprisingly funny and a great actress during some of the challenges, notably Snatch Game as Melania Trump and BreastWorld as Dyslexa.
  • Her attitude changed completely as the show went on, going from being a bit of a brat to a maturity that was noticed by others including Asia, who harped on her for her behavior several times.
  • She won three challenges, and never had to lip sync. Only a handful of queens have been able to do that in the past, with many of them actually winning (Tyra, Bianca, Violet, Sasha).


  • She might be a little too green and reserved to take on a lot of this. I've interviewed her before, and she comes across as quiet which can read as cold. That won't really be appreciated by a lot of the RPDR fan base, particularly the older ones.

Kameron Michaels:


  • She brought something totally new to the show this season with her "muscle queen" aesthetic. Each winner of the show has done something completely different from the other title holders, so her physique and how she's able to change that when she gets into drag could be considered a strength.
  • Kameron is proof that you don't need to be loud and attention-seeking to win the show. Her quiet nature has helped her get to the end of the show, even to some of the other queens dismissal.
  • Besides, Monet X Change, the best lip syncer of the season.


  • None of the other queens chose her to win. They also accused her of pretty much ignoring them when they are all around. There's something to be said about that.
  • She only won one challenge and had to lip sync three times in a row.
  • Even though her quiet ability can be a strength, it can also be seen as a weakness as none of the past competitors were this reserved when they were on the show.

Asia O'Hara


  • Incredibly head strong and focused. Knows how to command attention and speaks very eloquently.
  • Fashion point was pretty much on game this entire time, as she came a close second for me behind Aquaria in that department.
  • She's a true "sister." The only one to stand up for The Vixen at the reunion and actually battled with RuPaul over it.


  • Acting and comedy aren't really her thing. Not sure if that equals anything in the real world, but it didn't come across well on the show.
  • Might be a bit too brash for some of the fan base.



  • The most fashion-forward big girl the show has ever seen outside of Kim Chi.
  • She really did excel at coming back after being eliminated early in S9 and performed very well throughout the season.
  • In your face, say it like you mean it kind of queen… for the most part.
  • Unapologetic for who she is in terms of personality, size and more.


  • I fear that she will win simply for being a big girl. 
  • Just like Asia, her personality is a turn off by some.
  • Some may see her coming back as an advantage over the other queens.

To be honest, it comes down to Aquaria versus Eureka for me, and I think that is how it will play out tonight. Who will come out on top? I'm rooting for Aquaria, primarily because she's had the most growth this season, her fashion is just so much fun to look at and she will once again bring NYC another Drag Race crown (4th overall).

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