Widow Von’Du Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges

Former RuPaul’s Drag Race star Widow Von’Du has been arrested over claims that she beat her boyfriend unconscious before allegedly bragging about attacking ‘some white boy’ on Instagram. 

Real name Ray Fry, Von’Du was arrested in Kansas City, Missouri on Monday and booked into the Jackson County Jail on three counts of domestic assault, and a fourth count of attempted domestic assault. All counts are considered felonies. 

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According to the probable cause affidavit, obtained by TMZ, Von’Du came home early Friday morning in what her boyfriend described to cops as an intoxicated state and was apparently upset when she found her boyfriend sleeping there.

The boyfriend, who is currently remaining anonymous, told police that Von’Du was aware that he was going to spend the night. He then described how his partner punched him in the face up to five times, strangled him, dragged him across the floor, and shoved him head first into the bed frame, rendering him unconscious and bleeding profusely. 


When the man regained conscious, he was able to escape and make his way to the hospital, where he received 14 stiches on his face and head.

After officers interviewed the victim and observed his injuries, they were said to have found probable cause to issue a warrant for Von’Du’s arrest. 


She was taken into custody and partially denied his boyfriend’s allegations. However, she allegedly admitted saying in an Instagram Live video, which has since been deleted, “some white boy tried me and got his ass beat.”

Von’Du was released on Tuesday after posting $5,000 bond, but was placed under house arrest and barred from contacting the victim or any witnesses. She is back in court for a bond review hearing on June 7.

Source: TMZ , jacksongov.org

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